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Our goal is always to gain a deep understanding of the client’s operations such that our advisory may contribute to the development of their investment operations – also from a strategic point of view. We are motivated by creativity, challenging us to identify new inputs in different situations, thus creating additional value for our clients.


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Acquisition Advice

Croisette offers advice in connection with acquisitions. Acquisition advice is based on a client's investment strategy and covers the entire acquisition process from strategic advice, deal sourcing, dialogue with potential sellers, indicative bids, due diligence, and negotiation to completed acquisitions. Croisette is also happy to assist in working out a new investment strategy together with the client. We also have experience from various auction procedures as a representative of the buying party.


Our goal in every customer relationship is to gain such a deep understanding of the client's business that our advice contributes to developing your investment business - even from a strategic perspective. We like to work creatively by looking for new angles in every situation, which creates additional added value for our clients.

Our Process

1. Strategic advisory

A well thought-out investment strategy is a key element in reaching one’s long-term investment targets. Croisette offers the buyer to review their current property portfolio and alongside them develop a new investment strategy in order to maximize their possibilities of reaching their targets.


2. Deal sourcing

A substantial part of our work in the investment process is to actively identify, evaluate and present potential investments, in accordance with the buyer’s wishes and requirements. We always make a thorough survey in order to identify suitable investments and thanks to our extensive network, we are often able to immediately make suitable suggestions to the client.


3. Dialogue with potential sellers

Once an interesting object has been identified, Croisette assist the client in initiating a dialogue with the potential seller, followed by suggesting a setup and gathering additional information to further evaluate the property in question.


4. Exploratory bids

Once the potential buyer has obtained additional information pertinent to the property and a final evaluation has been made, Croisette will assist in creating the exploratory bid and presenting it to the seller. Croisette will also maintain the dialogue with the seller throughout the bidding process.


5. Due diligence (DD)

If the seller chooses to accept the bid, the Due diligence is initiated allowing the buyer to make their economic, technical and legal examination of the property. If required, Croisette offers both parties a complete data room solution, making all digital documents from the seller accessible, managed by ourselves, and simultaneously handles the interaction between the buyer and the seller.


6. Negotiation and closing

Parallel to the Due diligence process, a transfer of ownership contract is negotiated with the seller. We will assist the buyer throughout this negotiation, until the contract is signed and the you have taken over ownership of the property.

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