Founder Story

My name is Per Svensson, born in 1990 in Malmö and at the age of 11 I started my first company. In 2015, however, I started by far the biggest I have ever done - a company that today creates employment for almost 200 people in the Nordic region.

The story of how Croisette was created

The idea behind Croisette was born out of how real estate consultants should work: clear incentives, openness and humility, of course, together with good knowledge. Local, regional and national thinking, which has since become international. Teamwork. If a business model is imbued with incentives that go from client, to company, to employee, then growth should be stimulated. That was the thesis.  


My name is Per Svensson, born in 1990 in Malmö. At the age of 11, I started my first company in e-commerce for ice hockey equipment. In 2015, however, I started the biggest thing I've ever done - a company that today employs almost 100 people in the Nordic region. Before Croisette, my real estate career started at Datscha that later transitioned to Newsec and after that it was time. I probably didn't know much about how, or why, the real estate market looked the way it did when I started Croisette, but I knew what it should look like.  


When Croisette started, my perception was that Skåne had been a no-man's land in the consulting world for far too long. Thanks to that, there was also an opportunity to be the first to be nationwide, for real. There were initially some people who didn't understand what Croisette would do differently and what would make us succeed. There were, and still are, even many people who wonder why I chose pink as my corporate colour, a detail that is quite hard to miss if you know who we are. I always answer, - "Because pink symbolises that everything is possible".


To those who didn't understand what Croisette would do differently, I explained that we will build a service offering of quality products, and that we are absolutely sure that quality work and long-term commitment, together with a high level of performance and innovation, will bring to the market much of what is currently missing. Both in terms of transaction advisory, valuation and letting assignments. The leasing of commercial premises and the continuous valuation of properties are, in the long run, a prerequisite for the accurate assessment of market rents, yields and trends, which are the parameters required for a well-functioning transactional business. We will therefore be the comprehensive real estate consultancy in the Öresund region (initially), characterised by enthusiasm, long-term vision and a high level of expertise in our three areas of activity. The three business areas we had when we first started have today grown into six business areas, all within the Croisette Group, and our focus from the Öresund region has today become most of Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. 


The Group is mostly owned and controlled by me. As passive minority shareholders and financiers, I brought along Jacob Karlsson AB and Erik Selin Fastigheter AB, owned by Jacob Karlsson and Erik Selin respectively, two great sources of inspiration. In 2021, I also chose to make my faithful partner Peter Bergquist a Deputy CEO and co-owner, as he has played a crucial role in the company's success since its inception.  

Some of the milestones we have reached along the way are firstly when our growth of 781% from 2015 to 2019 which earned us the win in the "Årets Gasell Skåne 2020". Thanks to my amazing colleagues at Croisette, I was also named the winner of the Business Rookie of the Year award in Malmö 2020 and was nominated as the Growth Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. 2020 was also the year of the start of our international expansion and now we have officially started the journey towards Croisette World Take Over.


The vision that anything is possible is one I stand by and my goal is for us to become the world's largest real estate advisor, a journey that has begun but with lots of hard work ahead.  


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