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The Croisette leasing team has always taken a proactive approach, implemented in every step of the leasing process. Our main focus is to profile the optimal tenant before marketing the object.

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How does it work?

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Analysis of needs

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Not just a sign in the window

Croisette Real Estate Partner is the most expansive and innovative advisory firm in the real estate industry. Our vast network helps us to establish an early contact with the right potential tenant for your premise. We are business oriented and we cherish humble and innovative people who are willing to help us reach our goal at any cost – becoming The World's leading real estate advisory.

Pay upon delivery

In the unlikely case that we are unable to find a tenant for your vacant premise, you will not be charged any fee (unless we have agreed otherwise). We will only charge you when we have brokered a binding lease agreement with a tenant. All initial expenses, e.g. photography, advertising and signage, are covered by Croisette.



We always take pictures with our 360° cameras and then ship the material to a third party for optimal editing.

Tailored advisory

To Croisette, every client and every mandate are unique. We tailor our approach for the mandate in close cooperation with the client to ensure that you get the advice you request and require.

Selection of previous assignments

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Did you know...

… that we lease all types of premise and aim the marketing of your vacancies to the companies best suited for each

specific space. Our vast network and our offices cover almost all of Sweden.


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