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We offer independent property valuations and market analysis which may act as basis of decision for e.g. funding, annual reporting and transactions as well as other property related decision-making. Furthermore, we analyze portfolios or solitary properties to identify potential hidden revenues or unnecessary expenditures.


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Property Valuation

Croisette- Säljrådgivning

Croisette conducts independent valuations of most property types, such as residentials, office, retail, industry, social infrastructure as well as development land and building rights.


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On behalf of our clients, Croisette conducts a variety of different analyzes. The analyzes are tailored for optimally benefitting the clients’ strategic decision-making.


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Cost-saving analyzes

We conduct cost-saving analyzes. During the vast number of hours we spend gathering market information we occasionally come across properties or portfolios with an underutilized economic potential. Our valuers and analysts then review your properties’ revenues and costs targeting potential efficiency gains.

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Can you give me a ballpark figure over the phone?

Unfortunately not. No two properties are identical, implying that we need to gather information about each property and its surroundings. Additionally, as funding decisions are usually based on property valuations, a number of formal requirements must be fulfilled, usually meaning that an inspection of the object is required.

Are you approved by the banks?

All our valuations are underwritten by valuers certified by Samhällsbyggarna and thus approved by most banks.

Which property classes does Croisette valuate?

We can assist you by value most property classes, e.g.:

- Residential properties
- Industrial properties
- Commercial properties (e.g. retail, office)
- Social infrastructure (community service properties)
- Hotel properties
- Development land
- Development projects
- Building rights
- Security class properties

i.e. almost all property classes except forest properties.

Describe the valuations process.

We often make on-site inspections of the property we are assigned to value, in order to learn about the state of the property as well as the standard of the premises or the residential units. When we are unable to visit the site, we may still be able to conduct a valuation, a so-called desktop valuation.

In addition to on-site inspections, we require data from the client, such as rental income, area size and property costs. The client is responsible for ensuring the correctness of these data, and it is vital that we as valuers have access to all information of relevance, as the value of a property is, to a great extent, estimated based on the property’s returns and area.

Thereafter, we analyze the market potential of the property and estimate its value. The value is partly determined by analyzing the market for compatible properties, partly by a yield calculation.

Which information is required to determine the value?

Usually, we need the following information:

- Property registry code
- Total area size
- Rental information (rental income, contract duration, distribution of responsibilities, etc.)
- Possible vacancies
- Historical operation and maintenance costs, preferably over a period of few years
- Information about recent and/or planned investments in the property
- Potential value-add developments, such as undeveloped buildings rights

How long does a valuation take?

For a fairly” ordinary” property, and given that we have all pertinent information, a valuation takes 3-10 bank days. Should you require a speedy valuation, we are normally able to solve this. What usually delays valuations is that we have not obtained all the necessary information from the property’s owner, or that we have not been able to schedule an on-site inspection.

How much does a valuation cost?

In most cases, valuations are made at a fixed rate which is based on the number of properties and whether or not on-site inspections are required. Portfolio valuations usually implies a lower cost per property than solitary valuations, given that the properties have similar valuation and marketing characteristics.

Valuations for annual reporting?

Croisette offers portfolio valuations for your annual reporting. Different setups are available, depending on the frequency of valuations required by the client. Contact us with details on your portfolio and we will suggest an efficient setup.

What is a certificate of value and do you issue those?

A certificate of value is required when applying for a title deed if the property in question has no taxation value listed. Croisette’s valuers are able to assist you in issuing a certificate of value that fullfils the requirements made by Inskrivningsmyndigheten.

Do you valuate building rights?

Croisette conducts valuations of all kinds of development land/building rights. These valuations are supported by a substantial database of observed building rights transactions. The material includes registered transactions as well as land allocations and information regarding specific development condition for isolated divestments. The database comprises both building rights and undeveloped land.

What kinds of analyzes do you do?

Our analyzes are designed to fit the demands of our clients. This means that we may analyze specific municipalities or counties. They may also target specific asset classes such as social infrastructure or office properties. Click here for samples of analyzes we have published.

Do you make rental assessments?

We can help you assess rents for all virtually all kinds of premises and apartments. We gather information from our business area Leasing which maintains a daily contact with landlords and tenants alike and has an extensive knowledge about current market rates for all kinds of spaces.

What is a cost-saving analysis?

During the vast number of hours, we spend gathering market information we occasionally come across properties or portfolios with an underutilized economic potential. Benefitting from the many successful partnerships we have; we are able to help you even in this field.

Why Croisette?

Croisette’s valuers are experienced and used to working at a high tempo and thus accustomed to to agile processes aimed at delivering high quality at a short notice. An advisory property valuer and partner, Croisette will, upon the client’s request, act as a sounding board and advisor regarding all issues pertinent to the different phases of the valuation process as well as analysis of decisions of a property economic nature.


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