Croisette strives for simplifying the match between landlords and tenants.

We can handle all varieties of commercial premises, such as office, retail, warehouse, industry and more.


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Croisette handles the entire leasing process, from marketing and viewing to final negotiation and contract signing.


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We facilitate your search by analyzing your needs and suggesting suitable premises, of course we take your requirements and wishes into consideration.

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Croisette is looking for premises for tenants completely free of charge. We work with

everything from the region's largest property owners to smaller private ones.


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How does it work?

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What can Croisette Leasing do for you?

Croisette’s leasing operations are innovative and creative. We value long-term relationships and commit ourselves fully to all collaborations. Solutions are tailored to the requirements and wishes of our clients.


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How much does it cost to rent premises? Premises are usually priced according to the area and depend on geographical location. Contact us for a specific price on the premises you are curious about.
Do you sell real estate? No, only leasing.
Do you work with warehouses? I need to lease one. Yes, we work with warehouse spaces and usually have a large assortment of vacant premises. You will find all our vacant premises here.

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